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As a security provider in today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s critical to have the backing of a financier who can offer a unique differentiation in the marketplace. Our finance (A division) has done all the hard work and can now provide you with a finance option for your clients.

Our mission is to help security providers increase sales and gain market share by expanding their service offering and improving repeat business.




How Clients Benefit From Equipment Rental


Our finance makes security solutions easier and more affordable for customers. With our competitive rates and flexible end-of-term options, customers can:

  • Finance solutions from a single provider regardless of type or manufacturer
  • Combine equipment, software and related services (shipping, installation, training, maintenance) into budget-friendly payments
  • Submit one credit request with our Master Rental Program and finance multiple stages of the project over a period of time
  • Choose whether to continue renting, return equipment or make an offer to purchase at end-of-term

Our rental programs improve cash flow, reduce obsolescence risk and optimise the useful life of assets by enabling customers to:

  • Preserve capital so funds can be used for higher return investments
  • Protect against a rising rate environment and allow for better planning accuracy with fixed payments over the rental term
  • Leverage the value of existing assets to generate cash through a sale leaseback
  • Report rental commitments off balance sheet since they are not treated as debt
  • Formalise the asset replacement strategy to allow for regular upgrades and keep technology current.
  • Enhanced value: Equipment rental can position you as a strategic resource who solves key financial concerns.
  • Repeat business: Additional sales opportunities are provided by rental terms.
  • Prompt, reliable service: Applications and settlements processed quickly by our expert team.
  • Faster payment: Reduced outstanding debts and credit risk since the financier pays you upon settlement.
  • Reoccurring Revenue: You can choose to be paid a monthly trail for the term of the rental.
  • Client Retention: An ongoing service and maintenance agreement and extended warranty for the term of the rental as part of the rental agreement will ensure that you are in constant communication with your client.