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How Coastwatch uses Hikvision to monitor the sandbars at Caloundra

Date: 24-06-2022

How Coastwatch uses Hikvision to monitor the sandbars at Caloundra

This project shows how VSP together with Hikvision can help not only to save lives but make the job of doing so more effective. VSP worked with AU Security and Communications and Coastwatch to implement a new solution. This included a new Hikvision PTZ DarkFighter which captures an 8MP (4K) resolution image and provides optical zoom up to 36x and 16x digital zoom, allowing the coast guard to both monitor and assess any potential issues occurring along the whole of the bar in far greater detail than possible previously.

Harsh environment
As the camera is installed approximately 20m above the ground, it is subject to extremely harsh weather conditions –constant salt spray and high winds buffeting the camera daily. The robust construction of the camera ensures a long service life providing a leading return on investment for Coastwatch.

The salt spray also impacts the sharpness of the image viewed by the coast guards and the lack of easy access to the camera makes it difficult to perform regular maintenance on the lens. To address this The DarkFighter’s screen wiper is easily activated via the iVMS-4200 user interface, allowing water and salt to be cleared at any point during live stream.

Image improvement
Image stabilisation along with the camera’s zoom allow the viewing of the new passage to be sharp, clear and accurate despite the 3km distance from the camera. Without the image stabilisation, the high winds moving the communications tower would make the image almost unusable.

Constant image collection
Live stream recording to the Hikvision 7616 NVR allows the coast guard to save details of incidents for review by emergency services and also for scenarios to assist with future training.

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