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Axis Focus on a Sustainable World

Date: 21-06-2022

A Sustainable World

Axis are striving towards a positive economic, environmental and social impact across their entire value chain. They achieve this by focusing on their relationships with their partners, maintaining an open dialogue. Their relationships are based on trust, loyalty and openness. Video Security Products (VSP) have a close relationship with Axis and have been distributing their solutions.

Axis goals include contributing to a smarter, safer world, and at the same time, becoming a role model that inspires positive changes in society. Surviving the component shortage that has impacted the market and created longer lead times, they are adapting during these times and working closely with their partners.

Their sustainable approach is based on four corners that include protecting the planet, respecting people, being trustworthy and innovating responsibly. Axis support an ethical approach to technological innovation. They wish to continue to improve their power usage in Axis products and solutions. They also have been focusing recently on human rights and privacy issues. Human rights have been a big topic for Axis, their approach is guided by the UN Global Compact.

Axis audit all new suppliers on environmental impact, working conditions, human rights and anti-corruption. VSP support these responsibilities and continue to work closely with Axis.

Read more about the Axis Sustainability Report or contact VSP for Axis prices.

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