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Network Audio Solutions from Axis

Date: 10-03-2022

Network Audio Solutions from Axis

Axis off­ers complete, high-quality network audio systems that are perfect for security, background music and announcements in stores and schools. With the help of video surveillance and analytics, you can play event triggered voice messages or have a guard remotely monitor your premises. The use of audio speakers to “speak” to the suspects allow you to take instant response and deter the undesired activities without any delay.

Axis network audio systems can be tested, maintained, and troubleshot remotely. They’re also easy to adapt and scale and integrate with many other systems. Each speaker is a complete audio solution including both hardware and software. Plus, they are easy to install.

Network audio adds value to your video-based security system helping you proactively deter crime by responding immediately and intervening remotely with pre-recorded or live messages. You can set up your system to trigger pre-recorded messages in response to potential criminal activity or to notify an operator or guard to speak directly to a culprit.

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