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Date: 05-11-2021


The ION F23 is the worlds most compact three phase data centre grade UPS system providing up to 25kW of power in a tiny 3RU footprint*. Available in either 10-25kW modules and a flexible design with input and output phases that can be configured 3:3 or 3:1.

The F23 is ideally suited for installation into any existing or new rack in a data centre. The F23 comes with a large 5.5” touch colour LCD with graphic display and can be installed with existing off the shelf hot swap battery packs or configured to run with large customised battery strings. The UPS can be paralleled to further increase the power output. Its high efficiency of 98% in ECO mode and compact flexible design makes the F23 UPS the ideal choice for small and medium data centre solutions.

Key Features:

  • 3RU High Power Density
  • Unity Power Factor
  • Optional 3/1 configuration
  • Colour LCD with touch panel 


 F23 Brochure 

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