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Introducing Milestone’s First Analytics Add-On

Date: 01-11-2021


Milestone are launching the XProtect Rapid REVIEW. This is a new, easy to use, powerful add-on software solution that enables rapid review, search and analysis of video recordings.

Rapid REVIEW allows a user to access BriefCam’s powerful synopsis feature, which combines hours of footage into one short searchable filterable playback scene. BriefCam is the single most powerful analytics software on the market and this new feature has been embedded into Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

The new advanced forensic analytics XProtect add-on software solution gives you the opportunity to view hours of footage compressed down to only 15-30 minutes, saving you time. You can also filter footage on a granular level including Facial Recognition, Appearance Similarity, LPR, Colour Search, Gender Search, Object Classification, and heat mapping. Plus, the new software gives you the ability to search across multiple cameras simultaneously. Giving you the capability to quickly find the information you require.

Dramatically increase investigation productivity with the XProtect Rapid REVIEW. There are currently 29 attributes in the ever-expanding suite of analyticsLicensing is easy, you can start with just a few channels, and expand, adding more channels, as your requirements grow.

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