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VORTEX - AI-Powered Cloud Surveillance Platform

Date: 30-05-2024

VORTEX - AI-Powered Cloud Surveillance Platform

VORTEX is one of the product lines for VIVOTEK, with over 20 years of expertise in the IP surveillance industry since 2000, and a global presence.

VIVOTEK stands out in providing comprehensive surveillance systems. With their VORTEX VSaaS platform and AI powered cameras, they aim to turn hours of investigation into seconds. Unlock VORTEX's innovative AI leadership for advanced video analytics, ensuring real-time alerts and providing 24/7 protection for businesses of all sizes.

VORTEX ensures cyber resilience with seamless protection and operations, including encryption protocols, maintaining 24/7 optimum performance with automatic upgrades, key-encrypted SD card media files, and compliance with NDAA/TAA standards. Tailor to your needs with flexible transition. Effortlessly manage existing cameras on VORTEX, or revert to ONVIF compliance to avoid vendor lock-in.

With the VORTEX cloud-based management platform, you can benefit from:

  • Access through the mobile app for troubleshooting and remote management capabilities.
  • Centralised management across multiple locations with 24/7 protection.
  • AI-driven analytics with instant notifications.
  • Cost efficiency through hardware, daily operations, and labor costs reduction.
  • Bringing your existing cameras to the cloud with zero configuration.
  • Automatic software and firmware updates to keep up with the latest technology.

Besides, VORTEX cloud platform is powered by AWS so that you can enjoy the best cloud scalability with security protections.


What VORTEX can bring for you

To assist customers in gradually transitioning to the cloud, VORTEX offers hybrid cloud solutions to maximise ease of adoption and integration:

Bridge to cloud:

Bring your existing cameras without replacing the entire system and leverage selected VIVOTEK NVR to facilitate remote management, including troubleshooting, configuration, and remote technical support.

Direct to cloud:

Purchase the high-quality VORTEX cameras, plug and play to start your journey to the cloud. With a 10-year warranty and continuous subscription, receive over-the-air updates, access to the latest cloud technology, and enhanced security protection.


Learn more about VORTEX or contact VSP to arrange a demo today.

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