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Introducing Secury360

Date: 29-05-2024

Introducing Secury360

VSP are proud to announce our latest partnership with Secury360. Secury360 offers a proactive security solution by connecting existing outdoor camera installations, they detect intruders before they strike, transforming security from reactive to proactive.

Secury360 is a unique and comprehensive solution. Their offering integrates AI, a Cloud Portal with various integration possibilities (such as control rooms and technical platforms), and their S360 box, presenting an unmatched combination in the security sector.  Additionally, thanks to the Mobile App, they offer customers the benefits of alarm panel features, enhancing their overall security experience.

 Key Features

  1. Proactive threat detection:

    • Utilises AI and machine learning to identify potential security threats in real-time.
    • Reduces response times and mitigates risks before they escalate.
  2. Seamless integration:

    • Compatible with existing security cameras
    • Easy to upgrade and maintain, preserving your clients' investments in their current systems.
    • Easy to integrate with the control room
  3. User-friendly interface:

    • Intuitive controls and dashboard for simplified operation.
    • Comprehensive support and resources to assist installers in setup and management.
  4. Scalable solutions:

    • Suitable for both small and large installations.
    • Flexible configurations to meet diverse security needs.
  5. Remote monitoring and control:

    • Access and manage security systems from anywhere using a secure Cloud Portal and the Mobile App
    • Get real-time updates and alerts to keep you informed at all times
  1. VMS Installation

    • Secury360 has the ability to run NX Witness on board by adding a Hardrive (Cloud license per month required)

Benefits for installers

  1. Efficiency: Save time with easy installation and maintenance.
  2. Reliability: Provide clients with a robust, reliable security solution.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the market with cutting-edge technology.


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