CCTV security solution for bustling street in noosa

Date: 14-Feb-2019






This week we feature our successful video security solution for a busy Noosa precinct.

In a family-friendly tourist destination, a safe community is paramount. Safety advocates, Noosa Council, sought to improve on their current CTTV system to ensure the ongoing safety of locals and the many tourists to their bustling town.



The team at VSP designed an installation using Hikvision and Ubiquiti devices that Stanley Security implemented. Two new cameras featuring 360-degree colour panning and vehicle registration were installed, in addition to updating or replacing existing CCTV cameras where required.

The cameras are located along Noosa’s busy Hastings St, the car park adjacent to Noosa Surf Club, Noosa Drive, the bus interchange. The cameras at Noosa Junction Bus Interchange and Cooroy's central business area have vehicle registration plate recognition abilities.









Noosa Council were pleased with the results, and pride themselves on the continued safety of their residents and visitors to the precinct.“ ... Fundamentally as well as assisting the police in their endeavours, what these cameras do is they provide that security so that people know this is a safe precinct.” – Mayor Wellington, Noosa.*



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