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Peggy's Place: A Sanctuary of Hope, Supported by VSP and Axis

Date: 12-10-2023


Project Overview:

  • PROJECT: Peggy’s Place - A Sanctuary for Domestic Violence Victims
  • PRODUCTS USED: Axis end-to-end solutions


Peggy’s Place has emerged as a critical sanctuary that facilitates a smooth transition for women and their children who are fleeing from abusive environments. This initiative was designed to prevent these vulnerable families from facing homelessness or returning to violent situations, acting as a crucial stopgap. Developed in consultation with specialist DFV service providers, it offers a holistic approach to the wellbeing of its residents, encompassing services such as trauma-informed
counselling, occupational therapy, legal support, and financial upskilling, delivered by a team of professionals who adhere to the highest standards and best practices in the field.

VSP were keen to support such a remarkable initiative in our commitment towards building safer environments for individuals
seeking refuge and new beginnings. VSP is a community focused business, and were thrilled to support a charity focusing
on aiding women and children.

To ensure the security and peace of mind of the residents, Peggy’s Place was recommended an Axis end-to-end solution by VSP based on quality, ease of installation, innovation, and reliability. When creating their tailored security system, the team followed an efficient blueprint for others looking to safeguard their premises with Axis end-to-end solutions.


To craft a robust yet discreet security network, a bespoke Axis end-to-end solution was developed, which could be tailored to meet specific needs. Guided by the Axis Site Designer, VSP and the QCS Group were able to compile a comprehensive bill of materials that integrates various devices such as network cameras, Axis audio, and radars, including the standout AXIS P4707-PLVE multi sensor camera and the new AXIS C1511 pendant speaker. This advanced system is additionally supported by the inclusion of VSP wall mounted rack cabinets and high-quality cables, ensuring smooth UHD surveillance. The flexibility of Axis’s end-to-end solutions allows for the integration of an array of networked security devices, offering comprehensive protection while maintaining the serene atmosphere of Peggy’s Place. The message is clear: VSP can tailor Axis endto- end solutions to suit any security needs and requirements.

Additionally, the AXIS Camera Station streamlines the process, offering an easy-to-use yet powerful video management system, perfect for establishments like Peggy’s Place which require a reliable and secure surveillance network.


As the project nears its completion, Peggy’s Place is gearing up to offer an environment equipped with discreet yet encompassing surveillance. The innovative system provides over 30 days of clear image recording, with LNPR cameras at the ready to capture and archive vehicle details if necessary, granting an extra layer of security and peace of mind for the residents.

This groundbreaking project, facilitated by the collaboration between Peggy’s Place and VSP, demonstrates the potential of integrating technology and compassion to create secure, nurturing transitional spaces. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Axis’s end-to-end solutions, encouraging others to consider creating a VSP exclusive Axis bundle to safeguard their enterprises.

For a more detailed dive into how Peggy’s Place and VSP collaborated to create a secure environment for those in need, click here to view the full case study.