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EYEfi Cloud Connect V2: The Next Level in Cloud Surveillance

Date: 06-10-2023

EYEfi Cloud Connect V2: The Next Level in Cloud Surveillance

The future of hassle-free cloud video surveillance has arrived. We're delighted to unveil the new and refined EYEfi Cloud Connect V2. Boasting a more user-friendly interface and superior features, overseeing security has never felt this effortless. The cloud is attracting businesses with agility, scalability, and real-time monitoring and EYEfi is at the forefront. Our exclusive VSP customers can experience the state-of-the-art capabilities of EYEfi Cloud Connect V2 with a FREE 6-month trial. Also, no credit card details are required as we aim to ensure your transition to the next generation is as smooth as can be.

What’s New in V2
Delve into a user-centric interface that seamlessly connects your surveillance imagery. With features such as multi-site support, granular user permissions, and geo-site maps, you're promised a comprehensive view of your security, no matter the breadth of your operations. And with the ability to upload site maps, view dual and quad sensor cameras, and an optimised mobile experience, you're truly gazing upon the future of surveillance.
Concerned about maintenance, system compatibility, or unforeseen costs? EYEfi Cloud Connect V2 offers an integrated solution that slots in perfectly, eliminating the challenges of incompatible systems or unpredictable outlays. Furthermore, with AWS secure cloud storage and edge storage support, your data’s integrity is assured.

The Axis Advantage
Our collaboration with Axis and EYEfi Cloud Connect V2 comes with unmatched implementation and migration support, with Axis's dedication to innovation and their 24/7 managed services. Affordable, secure, and hosted on the trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, EYEfi Cloud Connect V2 is not just a product, it will enhance your security operations. This is the cloud-based video service platform your business has been waiting for.

Eager to elevate your surveillance capabilities? Get in touch today and let's embark on this pioneering journey together.