An affordable ANPR system

Date: 28-Feb-2019




Today we feature an affordable ANPR system that integrates with Milestone and Hikvision cameras.

Introducing the PlateID Analytic and ANPR event monitoring system from SmartProtect.

To demonstrate the simple setup process in Milestone, check out our VSP

video here.




The PlateID system is designed to take advantage of the edge processing capability of Hikvision camera analytics. It can connect to and monitor a larger amount of Hikvision cameras compared to traditional server-based systems.

Live ANPR and Analytic events are available in the Milestone XProtect range of products, which compliments the video management, event and alarm management capabilities available in Milestone XProtect products.



PlateID Features:

  • Affordable ANPR solution

  • Integration with Milestone VMS and Hikvision ANPR Cameras

  • Utilises edge ANPR from the camera

  • Lowers costs of server hardware

  • Uses a central SQL Database

  • Can detect number plates and display in Milestone in real time

  • Perform search queries to easily find number plates

  • Generate reports in .pdf or .csv format




For an exceptional price on the SmartProtect PlateID system, get in touch with the team at VSP today!